Dec 31, 2014 is LIVE!

 Pop the Champagne! 

Big news, big news, big news.  lucyuncorked is RELAUNCHING.......NOW.
Thanks for coming on this journey with me.  It's bound to be full of bumps, laughs, deep thoughts, and passing fancies.  
It will be amazing--especially when I get a handle on how to freaking do this blog thing.  

It's mine.

It's been a long time in the making.  Seems like a lifetime ago.
A LOT has changed; personally, professionally, mentally, you name it.  I am so excited to bring this finished product to you. It's awesome! 
Cannot thank Ashley at The Blog Salon enough for her help, vision and crazy-amazing talent. Visit her site

The Blog Salon captured exactly what I wanted LucyUncorked to be.  
Sparkly, sassy, sarcastic, urban, suburban, smiley, single, committed (not really for me, but it fits nicely after single), me, you, that guy over there, Brooklyn, West Hartford (how did I get here, and why I won't leave any time soon), independent, struggle, wins, color, charisma and character--you get the picture.  No easy task, I tell you.  That's why I needed Ashley's trusted guidance. 

The purpose of lucyuncorked remains unchanged, although uncorked is now broader and more inclusive. I'll be talking about lots of good stuff.  You'll see. 



2. Informal. to release or unveil; unleash:
to uncork one's pent-up emotions. TO LET GO
So that's where we are at, my friends.  I am so excited.  I just couldn't wait to tell you.

Thank you for your support, cheering me on, encouraging me to do this.  I love it. 
Please tell your friends to follow my blog.  
It won't disappoint, and if it does, I really pray that you'll give me the heads up. 

Happy New Year!  Here's to an amazingly bright 2015.  
Sincere wishes for all the best to you & your loved ones in the New Year.


  1. Great job, Luce! It looks great! What a great accomplishment. Can't wait for more in 2015

  2. Looking forward to more in 2015!

  3. Fun fun fun! Look forward to reading write on..