Jan 4, 2015

Things you should know about LucyUncorked....

So, I think this sums the New Year festivities up nicely....

Happy New Year, my friends!  Hope everyone had a wonderful celebration to begin 2015.  
I always love the fresh start a New Year brings.  Just miles and miles of open road before me.  I am someone who likes the try new things, change, reinvent, refurbish....just plain old RESTART.  

So, before we get going on this blog journey, I feel like I should probably introduce myself. Really let you know who's behind this crazy blog. So, here are a few things about me that you should probably know, as they all shape who I am and how this blog rolls forward. (no particular order)
  • I am a recruiter by trade.  I help companies hire great people. I research companies, write and review resumes, give interview feedback, train people on how to effectively interview candidates & negotiate deals. I am horrible at math.
  • I spent last year losing about 85lbs. My goal was to lose 100, which is a work in progress. 
  • I am a textbook emotional eater. I have gained some of the 85lbs back & I am pissed and sad. 
  • In my late 20's, I was diagnosed with clinical depression.  I tell you, it's the funny ones you have to keep an eye out for.  Ongoing and every day battle.
  • I love dogs and wine.
  • I have a lot of opinions.  I like to poke fun at myself & the general public.  Sometimes people call me critical. That's probably true, but trust me, no matter how much I poke fun of the person in the crocs, I save my harshest criticism for myself. 
  • I will no doubt offend you at some point.  Please make your voice heard because I love the counterpoint, but don't leave. 
  • Not married. I would have loved to be a bride with all that entails (mostly Pinterest party details) I've seen people make it their life's work to find a suitable husband. Not an awesome partner, or someone you can't live without, just a husband. I've seen some miserable situations & I've seen people be really mean to each other. That being said, I've seen fabulous examples of love & partnership, so I still have hope that one day, I'll find THE true companion. Wedding not necessary. Someone who thinks I am awesome?  Totally non-negotiable. 
I plan to write about funny situations, ponder life's greatest mysteries, etc.  I will tell you about great products, businesses, blogs, etc. Will also share "of a certain age" disasters, transformations, and "experiments" (trips, classes, cooking, fasts, etc). My hope is that this will be collaborative. I welcome your ideas! Otherwise, it's just a whole lot of writing to myself. (not the goal)  Don't give me another complex--Join me on the journey that is LucyUncorked! Feel free to share with your friends!


  1. What a terrific post. Thanks for being so personal and real! Good job, girl! You were meant for this!

  2. Great job Lucy! I love following people and their passions. Have a great 2015 and hopefully I will see you soon! - Wendy

  3. Thanks, guys! I appreciate your kindness! Feel free to share with your networks. :-)