Feb 2, 2015

February.......For Lovers Only?

Hello my friends and loyal readers!
Apologies for the delay in getting a blog post out.  
My brain was inundated with blog material which resulted in a little bit of a LucyUncorked blog-jam. Just couldn't decide what to write about.  
So, now that it's February and I'm all holed up during another snowstorm in the Crack Den (my house) with Percy the Pup, I started thinking about Valentine's Day.  I mean, how could I NOT start thinking about Valentine's Day? Hell, now that the Super Bowl is over (Sorry, Seattle), I fully expect my traditional and social media feeds to be completely taken over by pink, red, and a lot of conversation hearts. (Full disclosure, I love those conversation hearts. They don't even taste like anything, but I love them. Probably the pure sugar....which I am not eating because of my 21 Day Clean Cleanse
I actually love the idea of a holiday solely built around being in love.  But I find the holiday to be terribly exclusionary.  Haven't we all been through a time where we haven't had a Valentine?  Maybe before you were married, before this most recent boy/girl friend, before your kids, whenever. Single people have love in their lives as well.  It just looks different. I just feel that the holiday shouldn't be so based around coupledom.  Like "Romantic Dinner for Two", "Couples Valentine Getaway", etc. Oh jeez, I literally just googled "Couples Valentine's Day Ideas" and am seriously a little bit queasy. Please, my couple friends, please don't relive that famous spaghetti kiss from "Lady and the Tramp". (seriously, I just read that) Why can't friends go out in a group of any size and enjoy a nice surf & turf prix-fixe on Valentine's Day without being stared at?  In my vast experience, single people often like fabulous food and wine, too. 
I myself have a quasi-Valentine.  Someone on the scene to some degree, but not totally.  Typical for me: a not-normal relationship.  That's for another post.  Anywhoo--so, I have someone whom I care about deeply, but would never feel comfortable with the amount of unspoken commitment that would be required to reserve a romantic Couple's Prix Fixe at some fancy restaurant.  Too many labels. Ugh. He's really not in to celebrating holidays in general, much less a holiday that solely celebrates feelings, emotions and love.  I am kind of on his side on this one.  Why is there a day when you have to announce to the public that you love your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse? Shouldn't that be any day? 
However, while on Instagram a few days back, I stumbled upon a post from Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store, located in my wonderful and amazing former hometown of Brooklyn, NY. I will definitely be checking them out on my next trip to BKLYN/718.  The post featured the cutest printed cards that are perfect for my needs. Look no further for cute, but not ridiculous, Valentine's Day (or any day, really) cards than to Sad Shop Cards.  Check out how absolutely fabulous they are!
I mean honestly, can you stand the fabulousness?!
Little did I know that Lauren Conrad, Zooey Deschanel and the Huffington Post also think Sad Shop Cards are pretty special.  I am in good company there.  I received the high quality printed card and it is perfect. The cards are printed in small batches and arrive in eco-friendly & biodegradable sleeves. You can almost feel the love that went in to the hand folding and packaging. (order yours by Feb 5th for on-time V-Day Delivery!) 
I love the perfect amount of wise-assery that goes in to each one of these cards.  To me, these remind me of real life, real love Valentine's Day cards.  People bitch about their spouses almost ALL THE TIME, and then are expected to pick up a Card Store Special full of pastel images, scripted font, hearts and ridiculously fluffy sentiment? Just seems weird to me.  Let's be honest here, the V-Day card is usually still displayed on the mantle and we're back bitching about our "reason for being, our rock, our happiness".  That's why I chose Sad Shop cards.  I got Mr. Quasi-Valentine the perfect card. (Not telling you which one, tho) A card that really sums up something that we laugh about all the time. Something that makes us smile, and reminds us why we like each other in the first place.  That should be how Valentine's Day cards roll.  Real. Adorable. To The Point. Something that says, "I love you, but I loved you yesterday and I'll love you tomorrow" Something that tells your special someone (or even just a friend) that they are special to you year round. Not just when there's a jacked up prix-fixe romantic dinner being offered somewhere. 
Do we need Valentine's Day? Sure.  It's cute. It's fun. Kids love it.  My hope is that people will take the time to tell others how important they are......absolutely any day of the year.  
Yeah, I'm talking to YOU. 

Now, if you need me, I'll be over here snacking on my Edible Arrangement's Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Until next time.....

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