Feb 15, 2015

LucyUncorked in the spotlight!

I feel like Grace Kelly.  BTW, how awesome is this dress?  1955
(image courtesy of classiccinemaimages.com)

Hello and Happy Sunday!  Hope everyone had a great Saturday, and if you celebrate, Valentine's Day.  I woke up to the most pleasant surprise (Mr. Quasi-Valentine's eggs and toast were icing on the cake.): I am featured on my good friend Annie Sullivan Long's seriously amazing blog: FanFabulous Finds
Annie is someone I met through Beautycounter and is seriously as close to Beautycounter Royalty as they come.  She has grown a tremendous business and her passion for the Beautycounter mission is unparalleled.  Oh wait, did I mention that in addition to being one of the most successful Beautycounter consultants ever, she is the mother of FOUR?  What? Yes.  Four kids. Successful business woman.  Vegan, Tennis aficionado. All-around great gal.  (even if she did go to Holy Cross!) Check out her blog--she has impeccable taste.
One of the great unexpected benefits of working for Beautycounter is the wonderful women I have met through this business.  These are not your average women.  Each one, passionate about beauty, safety and education.  Working together as a united team to make beauty products and cosmetics safer for you and your family.
So, thank you, Miss Annie, for making my day and featuring me on your awesome blog.  Can't wait for you to guest blog on LucyUncorked.
We'll be talking soon,

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