May 12, 2015

Summer Fun & Blogjam

hello my uncorked friends!
hope everything is well with everyone and that you are as happy as i am about winter being in the rear view mirror.
holy $%^& that was a tough one.  i feel like i really struggled at the end.  too much cold, too much ice, too much darkness, and too many carbs is a combination of pure misery for a girl who already struggles with keeping herself happy.
i'm more of a sunlight, warmth, margarita on the deck, toes in the lake type of girl.  i like nice weather, and i like being out of my house.  i need the light.
so, there's been an incredible gap of time between blog posts for me.  i started a new job in march which has been keeping me busy, but mostly, i was suffering from severe writer's block.  not that i didn't have tons of ideas about content, but i started second-guessing myself.  how much to share? would that subject be boring to people? would people understand? should i tell people that? and on, and on, and on, and on.  my brain has an incredible propensity to just get stuck on *think* and sometimes that's completely paralyzing.  it's also in direct conflict with the other half of me that just wants to be carefree, laugh, spend time with fun, interesting, feel-good people and wake up everyday with the goal of discovering something new. so i guess what i am sharing is that the last few months have been hard.  i couldn't really get out of my own way.  so, i hibernated, slept more than i should, ate too much, drank too much wine, gained too many pounds, and on and on.  
Percy-a girls best friend.
percy my pup was and continues to be a lifeline for me. he knows nothing but love for everything in this sometimes very mean world and i feel like i could learn a little something from him. 

but spring is here.  not a freaking moment too soon, i tell you.  i'm excited for the summer.  i just got back from a great weekend in litchfield county, ct on long meadow pond in bethlehem. you know, where Jesus was born.  (i kid, i kid) 
Litchfield county, CT.  Mother's Day weekend.
Even the possibility of poison ivy on my hand can't dim
the fun of total relaxation & good company.
Don't be mad at me, but I just had no idea that there was that kind of beauty located in CT.  CT is not, and never will be my favorite place, so please don't hate me, it's just my truth. 
Can't wait to celebrate with this happy couple! 

In a few short weeks, i am headed down to the sunshine state and the seniors mecca of Boca with my besties to celebrate the wedding of a fantastically fun couple, k&k.  i cannot wait for this trip. these are the kind of people who just exude happiness and love without being nauseating, fake or weird about it. they are happy people.  they want their friends to be happy. i just love it. i love watching people meet the right person and fall in love and then the beautiful normalcy of true love without having to change for someone. not everyone gets that. k&k have that. hopefully, i'll be lucky enough to experience that kind of love with someone someday, but until then, i'll be hanging out in boca for 5 days, probably meeting all sorts of new people, and cheersing the happy couple. their wedding is going to be a blast and i....cannot.....wait......

after that fun trip?  i'd imagine there will be some sort of self-induced rehab for a week or so, and then? this girl is as free as a bird. unencumbered and hoping to do fun things this summer.  see my friends. my growing teen nieces and nephews. my busy parents and siblings. taking road trips with my friends and percy. (anyone want me to come visit??) i'm sick of my house, sick of my town (not the wonderful people in my town, just the sameness of every day in my town) and sick of the rut. there's a great fourth of july barbecue in my future as well as my 35th (again) birthday in mid-july. (seriously that "what's your age" app told me I was 35, so that's what I am going with). 

there's a lot of look forward to. sometimes i tend to get bogged down with the things that aren't working right in my life.  i find that it's easy for me to get caught up with worry & anxiety about things i can't control. so i will control my social life. where i go, who i see, who makes me happy, and maybe (definitely) cut down on the time spent with those who make me feel badly.  
no doubt there are people who want to cut down on their lucy time. i get it. no worries.

maybe i should just focus on getting a really nice, SPF 30 Beautycounter approved tan this summer.
sound good? who's with me?

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