Have you ever seen a more handsome dog? No, I don't think so.  How 'bout my hair? Right? LOVE it. 
Hiya, Percy here.  I am Lucy's dog.  Well, I am still a puppy.  I was born on September 4, 2014 in rural Tennessee, and now I live here in Connecticut.  I'm kind of a mysterious pup, nobody knows exactly what kind of breed I am.  Since my prego Mom was rescued by those nice Southern folks, we do know that she is pretty much a Shih Tzu.  A Shih what?  Who knows where my Dad is, but I love to run, sniff things, pick up sticks, run some more, and chew on anything.  Some people think I look like a Jack Russell Terrier with a little Beagle coloring. My Mom says I'm teething and she's hoping that I stop nipping at her hands.  SO yummy.  I like toes, too.  And peanut butter. Really, anything. As we speak, I am dictating this post to Mom and chewing on a big fat delicious hoof of some sort. You know, I am still really young, but I am pretty psyched to have my own blog page.  Percy's Perspective!  As time goes on, I am going to have a lot to say to you, my adoring fans.  I am all over my Mom's Instagram account (@LucyUncorked) and even on Twitter.  I have an inkling that I am the cutest dog in the world, so I'll probably be famous someday, traveling around the world, posing for photos, sleeping on plush human beds, chewing on only the finest of treats.  But I won't forget my first fans. Nope.  I am really grateful to be hanging out with you, and stay tuned for all sorts of fun doggie stuff on this page.  Where I shop, what I like to eat, you know......All things PERCY.  Bye for now.  It's time to go for a little exploring mission outside.  It's a lot colder up here than it was in Tennessee...Is this Winter? Blech.  Too cold.
This is my friend Elsa.  She's a pup, too.  She was my first friend here in CT.
And this is Olive. We were playing in the park. She lives across the street.
She's funny like me.  We get each other.  

I had a really good Christmas. My cousins gave me a pillow with my name on it.
I have to be careful not to chew it. 

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